Our Rock in Turbulent Times

When we are troubled, or weak, or sorrowful, our Heavenly Father is always with us through the Holy Spirit. We must build our lives on the rock that cannot be shaken we must trust in God.

Your Plans and God’s Plans

It's time to accept the unchangeable past, to embrace the present moment, and to have faith in the promise of tomorrow. It's time for you to trust in your Heavenly Father completely. And it's time to reclaim the peace that is only through Jesus Christ - His peace - that belongs to you.

Be Still

Through Christ, we receive the peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. Not the peace or joy the world may offer (John 14:27, John 15:11). It is through our personal and intimate relationship with the Father that we are to take a moment of our time to commune with Him. When we do, those moments of silence will enable you to participate more fully in the only source of peace that endures - God's peace.

Solving Problems

The words of Psalm 34 remind us that the Lord solves problems for "people who do what is right." And usually, doing "what is right" means doing the uncomfortable work of confronting our problems sooner rather than later. So, with no further ado, let the problem solving begin.

Making Peace with your Past

Have you made peace with your past? If so, congratulations. However, if you are mired in the quicksand of regret, shame, and guilt, it's time to plan your escape. How are you able to do so? By accepting what has been and by trusting God for what will be.

Your Spiritual Journey

It is not enough to merely confess Christ as our Lord and Savior that makes a spiritual and significant impact. We must walk in obedience to God’s will. Study the scriptures. Live in the center of His divine sovereign will. By doing so, we increase in our faith. We grow in His Grace and truth. We become healthy and strong in the Lord.

Yes, there is an Answer to that “Unanswerable Question”

Therefore, through the Holy Spirit - our Heavenly Father will reveal unto us the truth of all things - specifically those things pertaining to the truthfulness of the testimony of Christ, his ministry, his death, and resurrection. And the revelation given unto us through the Holy Spirit is personal and subjective. Yes - that is correct. We receive personal revelation that is subjective regarding the things of God through the Holy Spirit.

Never-Ending Love

When we worship our Heavenly Father faithfully and obediently, we invite His love into our hearts. When we truly worship God, we allow Him to rule over our days and our lives. In turn, we grow to love him even more deeply as we sense His love for us.

Look Before You Leap

We are instructed by scripture to be disciplined in our thoughts and our actions; and Heavenly Father wans us against the dangers of impulsive behavior. As believers in a just God, we should act and react accordingly.

A Helping Hand

What are you being called to do? How are you to minister to those in need within your Church, community, workplace, neighborhood? Share kind words, preform good deeds out of the kindness of your heart and take your concerns to the Lord in prayer.

False Representation of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

It means that the bridge between mortality and immortality and eternal life begins in the Garden, carried to the Cross as the climax, and the culmination of fulfillment of the Plan of Salvation where Christ rose from the grave after three days. It is fitting in this sense to understand the deep meaning when Christ said - It is finished. Meaning, he has completed the mission and work the father had sent him to do. He provided the necessary sacrifice and atonement so that we may experience eternal life with our Heavenly Father.

Seeking After the Will of God

As this day unfolds, seek our Heavenly Father's will and walk faithfully in obedience to His word. When you entrust your life to Him without reservation, He will give you the courage to meet any challenge, the strength to endure any trial, and the wisdom to live in His righteousness and in His peace.

He Reigns

Knowing that through Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Father doth reveal himself. And this may not come as quickly (or as clearly) as we may like. Rest assured: He is in control. Rest assured He is present. And rest assured that He will intend to direct your paths in ways you are to be of service to the great and marvelous work of ministering to others.

Beyond Materialism

Who we devote our attention and energy towards is the one that claims jurisdiction and authority over our lives. If our attention and energy is toward our Heavenly Father, then we allow him to have the proper authority over our lives where we are richly blessed. If our attention is on what we are able to attain in this life, the accolades of men, the prestige of wealth - then such things become the authority over our lives, and we merely serve them respectively.

‘Predators welcome’: 6 Latter-day Saint Meetinghouses vandalized in Utah

It is also easy for people who lack any critical thinking and intellectual integrity easily jump on the bandwagon without any context of understanding. For instance, if you have never worked with victims of abuse in any form - you do not understand the depth of fear that rests upon them. It is heartbreaking and one feels completely helpless - regardless of whether or not one is mandated to report abuse.

Church Provides Further Details about the Arizona Abuse Case

Church outlines its feelings on abuse and how a recent Associated Press story got it wrong The Church Office Building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Steve Griffin, Deseret News For generations, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have spoken in the strongest of terms about the evils of … Continue reading Church Provides Further Details about the Arizona Abuse Case

Believing Makes a Difference

The reality we all come to is that our faith is part of everyday living. It is not separate from it. As we weave our faith into every fabric of our daily lives God will honor our good works. And through our good works we shall honor Him.

What is the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ?

What then do Latter-day Saint Christians mean when they refer to the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ? It simply refers to the whole doctrine of redemption demonstrated and taught in the ministry and life of Jesus Christ. It consists in those laws, doctrines, ordinances, powers, and authorities needed to enable men to gain the fulness of salvation (MD p. 333). It is the idea that scripture uses to identify Jesus Christ as the Son of God and what he offers humanity. It is the reason John bore witness of the Savior in that "And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace" (John 1:16).

God Sees You as You Are

By setting pure intentions and living with purpose and meaning through Jesus Christ, other people's opinion and understanding of who we are becomes unimportant. We are not here to please others. And, when it comes to our opinion of ourselves - we adopt the eternal perception of who we are through Christ Jesus. Sons and Daughters of the Most High.

Face-to-Face with Old Man Trouble

There is this confidence we learn from scripture: God has promised to neither leave us or forsake us. He is with us in all things. His promise is true. He will deliver us in our moments of weak faith and doubt. He will walk with us through the storm.

A Time to Rest

Our Heavenly Father expects us to work hard, however, He also intends for us to take a moment to rest. When we fail to take the rest that we need, we do a disservice to ourselves and to our families.

Now is the Time

The time is now to determine if you will receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ or to reject it. By accepting the love of Christ, we will build a lifelong relationship with Him. Or if we shall turn away from Him and take a different path that leads to misery and death.

Financial Security and Blessings

As we are faithful and obedient in giving of tithes and offerings - regardless of our personal economic status - God's promises are true. He will bless us, allow us to meet our temporal and spiritual needs. And it is the only commandment he has given us where he says test me and prove me now herewith regarding the law of tithing (Malachi 3:10).