Timothy R. Berman has been a content strategist for a number of years. He has written two unpublished novels for National Novel Writing Month and is presently working on revising both manuscripts.

I offer the following services

Faith-Based Recovery Discipleship

As a Mindful Spiritual Christian Mentor and Recovery Coach, I share the responsibility of providing guidance and wisdom to those new to a mindful based Christian recovery program. Helping shape their behavior in order to assist them in making better choices. Look to others engaged in sponsoring newcomers, leaders, and ensure you have adequate support to help facilitate a healthy relationship.

The purpose of this discipleship program is to help bridge the support an individual receives from recovery-based support groups and those services through professional agencies and organizations that have licensed counselors and therapists to assist in addressing recovery and mental health related illnesses.

Mindful Writing and Content Strategist Coach and Mentor

Are you interested in writing articles from a mindful and faith-based perspective? Interested in learning to develop quality content to publish to a blog? Interested in learning about what Mindful Apologetics is all about? I offer my services at three different levels. Basic, Pioneer, and Advanced.

Web Content Strategist and Web Administrator

Are you a Faith based ministry, recovery program, or looking for a Content Writer to enrich your websites with new blog posts, guides and content copy? Content Writer responsibilities include conducting thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content types and proofreading articles before publication. If you’re looking for someone to produce online content and have an eye for detail, I’d like to connect with you. My goal is to deliver quality writing that appeal to your audiences, attract engaging conversations and boost awareness.