A Life of True Spiritual Integrity

Like spiritual maturation, integrity is built slowly over a lifetime. It is a precious thing - difficult to build and yet easy to tear down. As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we are to seek to live each day with the discipline of honesty and faith. When we do, at least two things happen: integrity becomes a habit, and God blesses us because of our obedience to Him.

Your Plans and God’s Plans

It's time to accept the unchangeable past, to embrace the present moment, and to have faith in the promise of tomorrow. It's time for you to trust in your Heavenly Father completely. And it's time to reclaim the peace that is only through Jesus Christ - His peace - that belongs to you.

Your Spiritual Journey

It is not enough to merely confess Christ as our Lord and Savior that makes a spiritual and significant impact. We must walk in obedience to God’s will. Study the scriptures. Live in the center of His divine sovereign will. By doing so, we increase in our faith. We grow in His Grace and truth. We become healthy and strong in the Lord.

Yes, there is an Answer to that “Unanswerable Question”

Therefore, through the Holy Spirit - our Heavenly Father will reveal unto us the truth of all things - specifically those things pertaining to the truthfulness of the testimony of Christ, his ministry, his death, and resurrection. And the revelation given unto us through the Holy Spirit is personal and subjective. Yes - that is correct. We receive personal revelation that is subjective regarding the things of God through the Holy Spirit.

Look Before You Leap

We are instructed by scripture to be disciplined in our thoughts and our actions; and Heavenly Father wans us against the dangers of impulsive behavior. As believers in a just God, we should act and react accordingly.

Seeking After the Will of God

As this day unfolds, seek our Heavenly Father's will and walk faithfully in obedience to His word. When you entrust your life to Him without reservation, He will give you the courage to meet any challenge, the strength to endure any trial, and the wisdom to live in His righteousness and in His peace.

Believing Makes a Difference

The reality we all come to is that our faith is part of everyday living. It is not separate from it. As we weave our faith into every fabric of our daily lives God will honor our good works. And through our good works we shall honor Him.

During Dark Days

We bring light to the dark days of life by turning first to God, and then to trusted family members, friends, and medical professionals. When we do, the clouds will eventually part, and the sun will shine bright upon our souls.

Genuine Contentment

It seems that everywhere one turns, the world appears to promise us contentment and happiness. However, the contentment and happiness are that the world offers are fleeting and incomplete. What Christ offers each one of us is an all-encompassing and everlasting contentment.

Come Unto Christ and be Perfected in Him Through Daily Prayer and Meditation

We have a daily opportunity to develop and strengthen our faith through daily prayer, meditation, and scripture study. And it begins when we submit ourselves over to the care of our Heavenly Father. It begins when we center our faith on Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement. When you commit yourself over to the transformation and renewing of your mind (Romans 12:1-2) you become a man of covenant - a living sacrifice who worships God in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Fashioned unto those good things our Heavenly Father has prepared for each one of us (Ephesians 2:10).

The Strongest Generation

Today, our young men and women face those challenges. It is up to us to lead and guide them. Influence them toward understanding their true divine heritage, divine purpose, and divine destiny. Hold them accountable and give them the discipline they need to continue holding strong to the covenant path of righteousness.

Awareness brings Balance

As I strive to live mindfully every day - my eye single to the glory of God (D&C 88:67) I shall be filled with light of Christ. This light is the awareness I need to continue to grow, increase in faith, and experience the joyous life that is full and abundant.

Founded on a Spiritual Basis

Attempting a recovery program without having a spiritual awakening and without having a power greater than oneself leaves one paralyzed in their active substance use or dysfunctional behavior. Denies the reality of one being humble, contrite in spirit, and seeking liberation from our own problems and situations.

Powerless to Force a Solution

From a Christian perspective - active addiction and other compulsive behaviors creates relationships that are unequally yoked. It creates hardships within marriages, families, and strains relationships. Reflecting upon this, and in my own life and journey through recovery and spiritual growth, I have come to appreciate the way scriptures speak to our present circumstances.


To properly serve others - am I willing to humble myself and learn to do those things that show respect for who I am? Am I willing to humble myself enough to serve my own needs first? True service begins when I am doing those menial things that I may personally detest.

Daily Affirmation, Thoughts, Meditation, and Scripture – Trait Twelve

I have come to learn that when I feel abandoned by Christ. Abandoned by my Heavenly Father and that I feel abandoned by Christian fellowship - it is not that they had abandoned me. It is me having abandoned them. Whether it is out of fear of showing my vulnerability and weakness or hiding in my own shame and guilt of what I continue to carry with me from my family dysfunction.

Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary Individuals

To become the hero of my own personal story and life - I need to take up my own hero's journey and place my faith in God and trust in His will and divine providence. Through my faith and confidence, labor and toil, fellowshipping with others, being held accountable, seeking after wise counsel, and following the directions - my extraordinary adventure and story may be among many heroic journey's that inspire people.

When I have Strayed too Far

If any truth of my own personal journey and recovery holds validity it is the idea that I still feel inadequate. Still feel that I am not the man I have wanted to become. And I sometimes forget that my recovery and spiritual growth are a personal journey of becoming complete in Christ.

James 1:16-18 | Genuine Faith and Spiritual Awakening and Birth

All these teachings helps us understand the central truth of the Gospel - Jesus is the Christ by whom we are saved. Salvation comes when we place our initial faith and trust in Him. It comes when we humble ourselves and enter into the waters of baptism for the remission of our sins. This is accomplished when we come to the awareness of our natural state and disposition. Through repentance, we receive the first principle ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

James 1:5-8 | Genuine Faith and Wisdom

Faith teaches us to act in a manner to which we believe God will help us, strengthen us, and give unto us what we need to withstand the storms in our lives. Scripture is firm on the nature of our faith as it relates to God. Christ constantly chastised the disciples - O ye of little faith. Christ commented on the simplest acts of faith - I have not seen such great faith. Faith even may bring healing into our own lives - Thy faith has made thee whole. Each time Christ ministered to those individuals it is because they had sought him out.

Psalms 1:1-6 – The Two Paths Before Us

Today, we do well to focus on the teachings of our Heavenly Father. Work to walk in faithful obedience to His divine and righteous council. Stand firm on the truth of His personal revelation and will for our lives. Sit with those who are working out their faith with fear and trembling and fighting the good fight (See, Philippians 2:12 and 1 Timothy 6:12, KJV).

Healing is a Mindful and Spiritual Journey Toward Transformation and Restoration of Godly Masculinity and Manhood

The greatest desire is for us to attain a high level of masculinity that is influential, impacting, and inspiring. By becoming a man of influence we are cultivating a true attribute of Christ-like integrity. This significant attribute provides a means by which we are able to influence our family, workplace, and community at large.

Guard Your Hearts

I did not believe that when I turn my heart over to God, that He governs me and shapes me automatically. This is not what inspired scripture teaches in Proverbs 4:23. It is a command to guard my heart. I am to be careful about what I allow into my heart. My heart cannot be an open door to unbiblical and ungodly influences. I am not to be captive to them; they are to be captive to the word of God. I am given the responsibility of being vigilant about their content.

Self-Compassion and Kindness Begins with Patience

For me, I had to learn to be patient toward myself because I realized there was much healing needed to take place. Healing because I had not realized that much of the reason for being impulsive, compulsive, seeking approval of others was due to my self-invisibility and survival mode that had brought much dissatisfaction within my own life. My self-esteem was quite low.

Rise Above the Hatred Through Faith in Christ

Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.~ John 15:18, KJV ~ Hatred is a toxin, which when introduced into the soft, vulnerable and defenseless soul of mankind, wreaks havoc, destroys everything it touches, and sends its host spiraling ever downward toward … Continue reading Rise Above the Hatred Through Faith in Christ

Your Vindication

no weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed,    and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord    and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.” ~ Isaiah 54:17, ESV ~ It is a hard truth in recovery that those who continue in active substance use will … Continue reading Your Vindication