Your Spiritual Journey

It is not enough to merely confess Christ as our Lord and Savior that makes a spiritual and significant impact. We must walk in obedience to God’s will. Study the scriptures. Live in the center of His divine sovereign will. By doing so, we increase in our faith. We grow in His Grace and truth. We become healthy and strong in the Lord.

Yes, there is an Answer to that “Unanswerable Question”

Therefore, through the Holy Spirit - our Heavenly Father will reveal unto us the truth of all things - specifically those things pertaining to the truthfulness of the testimony of Christ, his ministry, his death, and resurrection. And the revelation given unto us through the Holy Spirit is personal and subjective. Yes - that is correct. We receive personal revelation that is subjective regarding the things of God through the Holy Spirit.

Finding Direction and Inspiration in these Challenging Times

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash It is always a blessing to receive inspiration, insight, and direction. Specifically, in challenging times as what we are facing today. One of the things I look forward to is the monthly edition of the Liahona. And the edition for May 2022 contains all the inspiring messages from the … Continue reading Finding Direction and Inspiration in these Challenging Times

Good Reason to Question False Claims Regarding Doctrine and Covenants 129:1-9

 There is plenty of good reason to always question claims being made. It is part of the way we process, interpret, and understand what is being said, taught, and expressed. Through the process of critical thinking - we are able to determine if something holds any credibility and merit. Or if it does not meet … Continue reading Good Reason to Question False Claims Regarding Doctrine and Covenants 129:1-9

The Patience to Wait for the Vision

What makes my recovery and journey unique is the idea of personal revelation. And what is unique about personal revelation? It is the vision of God for my life. It is His divine will manifested through inspiration in how I am guided.

Don’t Hurt the Lord

This calls my attention to the reality of being mindful and allowing myself to experience the presence of the Spirit in my life. Experiencing the Holy Spirit, the presence of my Heavenly Father is not something that needs to occur in the future. It is something that I have access to in the present moment.

Questioning Andrew Soncrant's "Powerful Explanation and Refutation" of the Ninth Article of Faith

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that the main reason for the restoration of the Gospel of Christ is so that our Heavenly Father is able to communicate His divine will and purpose. A divine will and purpose regarding the Kingdom of God and our immortality and eternal life. While Andrew Soncrant … Continue reading Questioning Andrew Soncrant's "Powerful Explanation and Refutation" of the Ninth Article of Faith

Questioning Andrew Soncrant's First Part of his "Powerful Explanation and Refutation" of the Eighth Article of Faith

Andrew Soncrant attempts to provide a "powerful explanation and refutation" when he questions the eighth article of faith in two separate videos published at Apologia Church of Utah's YouTube Channel. In the first video, Soncrant attempts to cast doubt on the authenticity and authority of the Book of Mormon. He appears to do this by … Continue reading Questioning Andrew Soncrant's First Part of his "Powerful Explanation and Refutation" of the Eighth Article of Faith

The Lord’s Spirit Shall Not Always Strive with Man

Thus, to have the Lord's Spirit strive with us means that we are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to rule over our hearts and minds. To judge us and guide us into those moral truths of our Heavenly Father. It is therefore to this end that we understand how the Holy Spirit is limited to how long it will strive with us - as we make our sojourn and pilgrimage through this mortal existence.

Day 21 – Protecting Our Faith and Testimony in Jesus Christ and the Gospel

Our Testimony is the armor of God the Apostle Paul references in Ephesians 6:11-17 (See also, D&C 27:15-18). And it is vital to our faith, our progress toward maturing in our faith, and going forward with meaning and purpose.

What did Happen Before Genesis?

So, the question stands do we truly know what happened prior to Genesis? From my point of view, studies, discussions, research, and personal revelation - yes, we do know exactly what happened prior to the creation of our world, the purpose behind the fall, and the plan of Salvation and purpose of the infinite atonement.

Seek After Pure Revelation

Seeking after personal and divine revelation is our way of searching the horizon for God's divine wisdom, counsel, and safe passage. It is our pillar of cloud by day and our pillar of fire by night (See, Exodus 13:21-22). It never departs from us and is a constant reminder that our Heavenly Father is always with us - never forsaking us.

Scripture Motivation: Lay Hold Upon the Word

When it comes to reading the scriptures, we are able to come to know of their worth and truthfulness. By careful study and understanding of the scriptures, we are able to come to know them. How we liken the scriptures unto ourselves is through visualization of the people, the events, and situations. What is the situation? How does it relate to my own circumstance? By likening the scriptures, we grow, learn, and receive personal insight and inspiration. Nephi shares this with us when he said: I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning” (1 Nephi 19:23). Through likening the scriptures - we also learn the principles and truths from our Heavenly Father. Finally, we want to ponder - or meditate - upon those things that are revealed through our scripture study. By meditating, we ask questions, look for the practical applications and solutions.

General Conference October 2021: A Time of Personal Reflection and Revelation

As President Russell M. Nelson provided his opening remarks to the October 2021 General Conference - we learn that the focus of our attention is to understand three things: Pure Teaching, Pure Doctrine of Christ, and Pure Revelation. Reflecting on this message, how have you come to understand these three principle truths? What are you struggling with when it comes to your faith in Christ? Faith in the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ? and where do you feel lacking when it comes to revelation and the ministering of the Holy Spirit? Knowing that personal revelation comes through our daily commitment to scripture study, prayerfully reflecting and meditating on teachings from Church Leaders and those within our own community, and through personal fellowship and service toward others: how does this help build up your faith and testimony? Please share your comments, thoughts, and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Share this with others through your social media platforms as well.

Scripture Motivation: The Power of the Word

The scriptures are filled with gripping stories and challenging exhortations. People read and study from them because they are central to their lives and faith. Scriptures provide answers to the big issues in life - Who God is, Christ's infinite atonement and the plan of salvation, Life, death, love, sin, moral guidance, resilient and bold faith, overcoming and enduring persecution and times of despondence.

All that Thou Commandest Us We Will Do

Each one of us ought to devote our time and energy in studying the standard works every day. This is accomplished by establishing a study schedule that best serves our personal needs. And is something we are motivated and committed to following consistently. Developing an understanding and love for the scriptures will greatly help in the challenges and responsibilities we have in our lives. Helps us be of service toward others. Improve our ability to relate and communicate with others.

James 1:12-15 | Genuine Faith and Temptation

The world offers us all the desires and appetites that leave our bellies full and our flesh satisfied. Unfortunately, it is only temporary and we continue to remain hungry and thirsty for more of those things of the world. When we are tempted, it may come in guise of satisfying some desire. We develop an appetite for it. Eventually, it leads us to experience death of our sense of self through Jesus Christ.

Set Your Feet on a Level and Firm Path

When this verse commands me to make level paths and to take firm ways, it is not telling me to follow conventional wisdom. This is not a suggestion to play it safe. It is an order to follow my Heavenly Father, to heed His wisdom and trust His guidance, no matter how foolish it looks to a skeptical and watching world. It is a call t base our lives in the ultimate reality of Scripture rather than the finite understanding of human logic. I must understand that the level and firm paths are the ones that are level and firm in God's sight - not mine or anyone else's.

In His Perfect Timing

Nowhere in the scriptures does God promise me instant answers to my prayers. His promises for answered prayer are amazing and reassuring, but none of them includes a timetable. He only assures me that he is never too late. Yet in our impatience, we don't want an answer that is simply "not too late." I sometimes desire an immediate answer. I have needs and do not understand why those needs must be prolonged.

Of an Obedient Mind

What does God mean by requiring my belief? Is it only that I must believe He will answer me? It is that, but it it is much more. I must believe - ahead of time - that what He tells me is wisdom to be followed. I must be committed to heed His instructions before He gives them. I fi am not committed, H will not answer. I I do not purpose in my heart to do His will, I will never discover it.

Consider the Teachings

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on ~ Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things ~  2 Timothy 2:7, KJV Whether it is listening to a favorite broadcast, sermon, or a daily devotion - immersion into the word of God is not merely a chore to be accomplished. It requires … Continue reading Consider the Teachings

A Higher Mind Through Christ

I had often resorted to lesser means of wisdom because I stood unaware and ignorant of the mind of Christ and how accessible it truly was. I did not have the courage and willingness to accept the reality of such extravagant promises. Because I did not believe, nor accept its reality, I did not possess it. The mind of Christ is available to each of us through the Holy Spirit, who comes to us only through faith. The spirit searches the deep things of God and reveals them to His people. Such things are foolish to the world, yet they are truth nonetheless - truth that I am able to know and base my life upon.

Spiritual Wisdom, Insight, and Growth

As you read these daily wisdom devotionals, remember that the word of God expresses the mind, heart, and character of our Heavenly Father. His thoughts are available to each one of us. Let these devotionals help you dig deeper into His revelation. Seek His spirit to be with you always. Develop a way to be open and receptive to personal revelations. And let the Holy Spirit change the way you think. Most of all, let your mind be renewed and your life be transformed every day.

Finding our Identity through Christ

How do we come to understand our sense of worth, know who we are, and how does this matter? Today's society has consistently defined and redefined what it means to be someone. In this message, I explore the idea of identity in Christ by looking at the two questions Christ asks. Focusing on our identity … Continue reading Finding our Identity through Christ

Are you praying for selfish reasons?

Through quiet meditation I defer my decisions until my contact with Heavenly Father has brought about certainty the path for me is right. And I pray to keep myself from taking any action, even a little one, that may be intended toward disappointment and potential suffering.

Psalms 1:1-6 – The Two Paths Before Us

Today, we do well to focus on the teachings of our Heavenly Father. Work to walk in faithful obedience to His divine and righteous council. Stand firm on the truth of His personal revelation and will for our lives. Sit with those who are working out their faith with fear and trembling and fighting the good fight (See, Philippians 2:12 and 1 Timothy 6:12, KJV).