Up for the Challenge

Our Heavenly Father's hand uplifts us when we turn our hearts and prayers toward Him. Will you count yourself among the saints? Will you personally accept the invitation to experience the peace of Christ and wear the armor of righteousness? Are you willing to face the temptations, snares, and distractions of our dangerous world?

He Reigns

Knowing that through Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Heavenly Father doth reveal himself. And this may not come as quickly (or as clearly) as we may like. Rest assured: He is in control. Rest assured He is present. And rest assured that He will intend to direct your paths in ways you are to be of service to the great and marvelous work of ministering to others.

Let God Direct Thy Path

What we are to do is to always seek the counsel and wisdom of our Heavenly Father. To go into prayer and meditation to focus on those things that are a priority. To give our day and life unto God. And it includes time where we read and meditate on the scriptures.

The “Forgotten Ones” Of the Church – Our Heavenly Father Sees You and Loves You.

Life truly has its struggles, and we face them the best we are capable in facing them. We endure as faithfully as possible. Hoping doors of opportunity of true fellowship may open up. To see through the circumstances, we are facing and receive those blessings we stand in need of.

The Supreme Climb

As we grow in faith, increase in truth and life, move from grace to grace - we come to a greater knowledge and understanding of Christ and the Father. The more we submit ourselves over to the care of God, as we understand Him, we strengthen our faith, our resilience, and are able to endure that much more.


Since I have established a true connection with my Heavenly Father - I am able to experience the genuine love, mercy, and discipline needed to grow. And it is the same love I am able to stretch forth and express toward others within my family, within my place of employment, within my home, and out in the community. To Love God with all my might, mind, and strength helps me learn to grow and love myself with dignity, appreciation, and respect.

Do You Worship the Work?

True freedom and spiritual growth, therefore, begins when I am honest, humble, and submissive to the will and desire of my Heavenly Father. Through his grace and mercy, I am able to do the things required of me and am strengthened as I continue to concentrate on Him and Him alone.

Learning to Let Go

My thoughts turn to Proverbs 9:10 - Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. In the serenity prayer, we seek after acceptance, courage, and wisdom. Acceptance in knowing that there are things in life we are not able to control. Courage to make necessary changes in our lives. And wisdom to understand and know the difference between what we need to accept because we can't change it; and courage to strive and make those changes we are able to make.

Guided by God’s Wisdom

Seeking after my own interests begins when I mistrust God's wisdom and guidance. This is what I have come to understand about my own personal sinful nature. When I give over to choose my own will over God's I am essentially mistrusting him and trusting in my own self motivations. Such idea has become quite absurd since I have come to understand the basic teachings of scripture: God's will and care for my life is in his best interest.

It Took Bold Courage and Faith

Acceptance means simply admitting there are things I am not able to change. Accepting them puts an end to my futile struggles and freed my thoughts and energy to work on those things that I am capable of changing. Surrender means relinquishing our self-will and accept my Heavenly Father's will and His help.

Renewed by Fresh Faith

Faith in Jesus Christ helps me to focus on my relationship with God with more confidence and expectations. For those who have lost their faith, or who have always had to struggle along without it, it is often helpful just to accept the reality of our need for Jesus. This does not mean we need to be convinced or believe in all that Scripture teaches. All we need to commit ourselves over is the willingness to believe and trust in God. Gradually will our awareness of God's grace will empower us to move from faith to faith.

True Humility Leads to Spiritual Growth

True humility does not mean meek surrender to an ugly, destructive way of life. It means I surrender to God's will, which is quite a different thing. Humility prepares me for the realization of God's will for me. It shows me the benefits I gain from doing away with self-will.

Be Mindful in Your Prayer For He Knows What You Need

As I grow spiritually, true and mindful prayer becomes my confession of absolute dependence on my Heavenly Father. It is a vital contact with Him on a day-to-day basis in order to experience His presence from moment-to-moment. It is when I fully commit to mindful and meditative prayer where I truly find peace, receive personal revelation, wisdom and counsel to apply to those problems and difficulties I face.

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Let us keep to the point for making a spiritual impact

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Going forward without full knowledge requires faith

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Authentic Trust in the Christian Life

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This is the Time to Begin Your Personal Journey

Our Heavenly Father shows grace, mercy, and compassion toward us. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, He guides us. Through prayer and meditation, we receive personal revelation to help convict us and draw us closer to our promised land of peace and bounty. Through meditation upon the scriptures, we find inspiring examples of how God intervenes and moves people through their darkest and most trying moments of human experience. We find how God restores people who have been brought down to nothing and left in ruins.

The first step is honesty

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A Very Revolutionary Act

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Our invitation to living faith day by day

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Surrender into the intimacy of God

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